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  • Our Couplers can be conveniently attached to and detached from any kind of pipe made of materials such as copper, steel, or aluminium, plastic or pipes of unusual shapes   without needing extra work. 

  • The mechanisms in one-touch couplers enable them to be assembled simply by installing the job.

  • Work quality can be increased by using Our Couplers.

  • Working hours for manufacturing will be drastically shortened.

  • Built-in self-valves may also be added, allowing for a single service connection to works including flammable gas and liquids. During disconnection, it also avoids gas and liquid leakage.

  • Based on the design, our Couplers will be used to make a variety of items.

  • Couplers that are held in place by ratchets.

  • Applicable to any object that can be fixed in place, even though it is not in the shape of a pipe.


  • We produce the product within the length that meets the work of our clients.The pipe size is decided after discussing with our customers, and the seal material is selected earlier than production, so that the seal high-quality suits the fluid used inside the work. 

  • Working Pressure - To be defined after negotiation.

  • Body Material  -  Stainless steel, MS, Brass, Aluminum, Plastic, etc

  • Seal Material  -  Seal material is selected for each product depending on fluid and application.

-    Nitrile rubber(NBR)

-    Viton (FKM)

-    Neoprene(CR)

-    Silicon rubber(S)

-    Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer(EPDM)

-    Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber(HNBR)


  • To check for leaks,

  • To supply different types of fluids,

  • And to monitor for longevity

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