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About Us

Our mission is to grow as a trust worthy company, which manufactures and delivers top class couplings for various industries around the world 

Vision: TTR Enterprises engaged in presenting our customers a massive series of Camlock Couplings, Quick Release Couplings and Unique Couplings. We have 10 years revel in on this field. These sturdy designed and sturdily built couplings are made thru pinnacle grade material and particular technology in stands to satisfy international quality norms at our vendors. Further, Our merchandise also are tested on diverse pleasant parameters of our vendors pretty mounted quality unit.

Entire collection is to be had in diverse custom designed sizes and dimensions to match the variegated needs of our customers that's in particular designed to satisfy want for easy, advantageous coupler. These are absolutely dependable and adaptable to a huge variety of applications. Quick Release Coupling works on easy push & pull principle, in which while the plug is driven into the socket routinely locks in, ensuing in a advantageous and leak evidence connection. This movement concurrently guarantees to open the valve and the fluid glide starts. Further, those also are very smooth to disconnect and the valve shuts off automatically. 

TTR Enterprises vision is to add great value by manufacturing and delivering superior quality products on time to our partners. Our expertise is in manufacturing unique couplings according to the client requirement. We believe in honesty, integrity and team work.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit”-TTR

Company overview: TTR-fast couplings for leak detection, pressure detection, and filling applications. Test valves for gasoline and hydrogen fuelling components. TTR is a manufacturer of cutting-edge technologies for linking and refuelling vehicles. The fast connectors for feature testing, leak testing, and pressure testing from vacuum to 2,000 bar are easy to use and need no hand tightening. The TTR brief connects and disconnects are made to bind threads, beads, loops, hoses, and a variety of other items. .. without the need for spinning, flipping, or hand-tightening For link and disconnection, TTR leak test fittings save a significant amount of time. For gasoline filling schemes, there are several different types of fast release couplings. It includes fuel fittings for a variety of cylinder requirements, such as cga and din. It provides additives for gasoline and hydrogen refuelling in vehicles, as well as high-flow capabilities and full defence capabilities.


TTR test valves for liquid and gaseous media are made of stainless steel, galvanised steel, or brass and are suitable for extremely difficult applications. On request, customer-specific responses are available. TTR oxygen and inert gas extreme tension valves are designed for filling, evacuating, and combining gases in complicated valve systems. The multi-function valves incorporate a stop valve with options, as well as automatic venting, integrated test valve, block & bleed, manual or pneumatic actuation, to make manipulating and preserving fuel mixing flowers even easier. It's also possible to use vacuum packaging.


For us, working on stressful packages in conjunction with consumers and developing advanced technologies for a variety of packages is a reality. We will efficiently handle the most difficult tasks thanks to our unique technological knowledge. Designing, producing, and manufacturing high-quality products is our core competency. New assembly centres, thorough inspection procedures, and nonstop growth methods ensure the highest first-class standards at all times.

Industries: TTR serves various Application industries like Hydraulic power devices, Pneumatic tools, Agriculture, Steel Plant Industries, Power plant, Oil & Gas industries, Automobile Industry, Aeronautics Equipment, Refrigeration system, Paper Mill Plants, Air condition  system, Aviation Industry, Cement Mixers, High stress rescue machines, Power packs equipment, Marine Industry, Mobile Hydraulics, Construction Industry, SPM (Special Purpose Machines), Brewing Industry, Steel Rolling Mills Industries, Scientific Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Industry, Petrochemicals & Oil Refineries, Textile Industry and Machine Tools.

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