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  • Unique form of seal substances are used to fit programs in meeting strains .

  • Refrigerant charging strains and air conditioner final testing traces designed for programs in vacuum suction and refrigerant gas charging, automatic close off valve mechanism is utilized in both socket and plug our designed high precision mechanism endures extreme working situations in vacuum suction programs.

  • Layout permits tight sealing of socket and plug when disconnected, this enables charging of several refrigerants and freezing application beverages.


  • We produce the product within the length that meets the work of our clients. The seal material is selected earlier than production, so that the seal high-quality suits the fluid used inside the work.

  • Working Pressure - To be defined after negotiation.

  • Body Material - Stainless steel, Brass etc

  • Seal Material - Seal material is selected for each product depending on fluid and application.

-    Nitrile rubber(NBR)(-20°c  to  +80°c)

-    Viton (FKM)(-15°c  to  +180°c)

-    Neoprene(CR)(-20°c  to  +80°c)
-    Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber(HNBR)-(R134a,R600a,R32) (-20°c to +120°c)


  • It is suitable for refrigerants, helium and vacuum. The plug, socket has an automatic shut-off valve. Excellent sealing design for refrigerant filling and vacuum cleaners.

  • Use automatic shut-off valve. Completely seal when separated. They can be used in as many as one type of vacuum. There are a wide variety of main materials and packing materials for air conditioner and refrigerator production lines. Automatic close off valves in both socket & plug

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