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  • Simple insertion of pipe and pressing of latch allows clamping .the programs of PRT series pipe clamps avoid brazing and different piping work.

  • Connects and disconnects pipe easily and quick . Operator pleasant design , easy thumb operation holds the tube.

  • The PRT series pipe clamps reduce manufacturing time and operator fatigue.

  • Design allows remarkable airtight programs even at excessive operating pressures.

  • Wonderful for water dip take a look at of warmth exchanger coil.


  • We produce the product within the length that meets the work of our clients.The pipe size is decided after discussing with our customers and the seal material is selected earlier than production, so that the seal high-quality suits the fluid used inside the work.

  • Working Pressure - To be defined after negotiation.

  • Body Material - Stainless steel, MS, Brass, Aluminum, Plastic, etc

  • Seal Material - Seal material is selected for each product depending on fluid and application.

-    Nitrile rubber(NBR)

-    Viton (FKM)

-    Neoprene(CR)

-    Silicon rubber(S)

-    Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer(EPDM)

-    Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber(HNBR)


  • The PRT collection is straightforward connector that clamps the pipe with the aid of just putting the pipe and pushing the lever using thumb .The pipe clamp promptly connects to refrigerant traces .The PRT collection pipe couplers are popular with compressor unit producers for packages in pressure leakage checking out of the fin coil and the refrigerant, those coupling store operation time; labour cost  and minimises found at the meeting lines.

  • The PRT series pipe clamp relevant fluids are -All refrigerants, freon (R12 , R22 , R32 ,R410C , R407a ,R 134a ) , oil ,water, insert gases and air.

  • Extraordinarily beneficial in air tight leakage inspection application.

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