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  • Geared up with an automated shut-off valve .Fluid in the hose is prevented from flowing out whilst separated.

  • Detaching of the socket and plug is viable even there's residual pressure. The valve also can be opened and closed the usage of the lever on the backside.

  • Designed for Air conditioner charging test packages and automotive refrigerant gas charging.

  • This secure design prevents the valve from commencing if the plug is not connected, even supposing the lever is operated.

  • Enable charging of refrigerant gas arduous a vacuum or residual strain discharge.

  • Connects/ disconnects effortlessly and quickly below high pressure simply via lever arm open and close application.

  • The lever can be set to any position over the whole 360°.

  • The standard product 1/4”, 3/8" can be used as plugs.

  • Employs a double-packing O-ring sealing shape within the socket to handle high air tightness while linked.


  • We produce the product within the length that meets the work of our clients.The pipe size is decided after discussing with our customers and the seal material is selected earlier than production, so that the seal high-quality suits the fluid used inside the work.

  • Working Pressure - To be defined after negotiation.

  • Body Material - Stainless steel, MS, Brass, Aluminum, Plastic, etc

  • Seal Material - Seal material is selected for each product depending on fluid and application.

-    Nitrile rubber(NBR)

-    Viton (FKM)

-    Neoprene(CR)

-    Silicon rubber(S)

-    Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer(EPDM)

-    Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber(HNBR)


  • To check for leaks.

  • To supply different types of fluids and Gases.

  • And to monitor for longevity.

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